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e-ditio is an international platform for language and writing services that matches texts with highly qualified copyeditors, proofreaders and translators.

Every highly qualified translator, copyeditor or proofreader can sign-up to our website and apply to work with e-ditio. Each candidate will need to provide specific information about previous experience and a record of his or her work. You will find the required details in the sign-up process. After the quality check and approval, e-ditio will contact you as soon as there is an adequate request for your work. After having looked at an example text, you will have to hand in an offer for the work. You can start your work if the purchaser accepts your offer. It’s as simple as that!

After having signed up at e-ditio (anyone can sign-up as an author or publisher), you can create projects, specify your needs and upload an example of your text. We will find the perfect copyeditor, proofreader or translator for you and will get back to you with several offers in a very short time. You can choose which freelancer and which price is best for you and the work begins. It’s as simple as that!

Yes, with the exception of texts that violate human dignity or the common law. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

You have studied translation at an advanced level and / or have lived several years in a foreign country. Language training or education are required, as it is an art to find the right words with the same impetus the author has had during his writing, especially for literature translations. That’s the reason why writing and language freelancers have to send their application to us before they can sign up, so that we can ensure we offer the best qualified freelancer for every text.

The e-ditio team has a lot of experience in working with text (fiction and non-fiction, research, journalism, and other texts) and tests every freelancer who applies on the platform, based on his or her documented experience and track record. In doing this we can guarantee that only high quality freelancers are available at e-ditio. Furthermore, we analyse every submitted project in detail and find the best freelancer for each task.

The certificate of quality makes sure that the content in the copyedited or translated book is of high quality: Facts are proofed, the text structure makes sense and style and the wording is exact and empathic at the same time.

Press “Sign Up” in the menu or on the login page and follow the instructions.

The reCAPTCHA is required at registration to prevent bots from crawling the platform. But even for humans it is sometimes difficult to decipher what should be typed in. Please do not get frustrated and just try again – or click the arrow circle to request a new, more readable captcha.

No, the website is in English as e-ditio is open to people from several language areas. A German version is in progress and you are welcome to submit your information in German.

The authors and publishers choose their freelancers mainly on the basis of keywords and the area of expertise. Therefore please specify your area of expertise for each genre in any case. And please be honest! If you have no expertise in children’s books but are interested in starting work in this area you can specify this at “additional information”. Note that intentionally specifying expertise where none exists may lead to your exclusion from the platform.


How to work with your text like a professional


Proofreading is generally restricted to checking for obvious spelling and punctuation errors. It means reading the "proofs“, which are already typeset. Proofreading is the last stage of editing a work before it is printed. There may be several stages of copyediting before that.

As well as general proofreading, a copyeditor may do extensive rephrasing to improve flow and style and might do major revisions of the content, though this is only possible through consultation with the author.

Some may argue that proofreading in this day and age is a luxury. And the truth is, if somebody has the skills of a copyeditor, that person in most cases also possesses the ability to correct grammatical errors along the way. But when working as closely to the text as the author does, a copyeditor may not see every misspelling like a specialised proofreader would. 

Even if it’s grammatically perfect, poor writing will still leave a bad taste in the reader’s mouth. A skilled copywriter can greatly enhance your style, wording - even the whole text itself.

It depends on the status of your publishing. If you are an indie author or a grammar-nerd it may be the right strategy. If you are a professional publisher or researcher you will know what should be checked. The “do more with less” attitude of self-publishers used nowadays may be the perfect choice if you are a debut indie author but a dangerous one for those more professionalised or institutions.

  • Double-spaced 12-point Courier, Times New Roman or another serif font.
  • 2,45 cm (1 inch) on the left, right, top and bottom of each page. 
  • M-dashes are typed as two hyphens. In date and number ranges, hyphens are changed to n-dashes.
  • The text is aligned to the left.
  • The entire book is separated into chapters, each chapter with a separate heading.
  • Numerous style decisions may be different, depending if you write a novel or a manual.

Whatever you like! If you need an e-book distribution platform, someone to sell your book or article or someone to assist you with the marketing, please contact us. We have good connections! And yes, we will ask some of the authors if they’d like to have their book promoted to a publisher. Please note however that this is something we do not do as our primary job.

Scrivener is a very useful tool for professionals. Text programs like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer may be sufficient on your first steps. It is important that the program suits you – not the other way around. But of course there are a few programs which are more useful than the standard text programs.

You may send your text to a literature award competition or use a crowdfunding platform like startnext. For certain kinds of translations there are public or cultural institution programs which may assist. It depends on your genre and your mission.

The language related professional may choose his or her salary based on a hourly rate or level of difficulty. We will give you detailed information with our mail. Our charges are between 10 to 15%.

A little calculation example:
The expert wants a 40 € hourly rate and may finish 8 standard pages per hour – so his or her offer amounts 40/8 = 5 € per standard page.







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