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Nearly 1/8 of all published books are translations, in literature they even account for 1/3 of all books. And it is impossible to count all the translated websites, company magazines and scientific papers. There are many reasons for such a high demand for translations. But it is important to choose the right translator for your needs.




What you should know before asking for a translator:




  • When does it need to be finalised? 

 Scope of translation

  • How much should be translated?
  • For example: Will the index be copied or should it be translated?


  • Is it fiction or non-fiction?
  • A specialised text or schoolbook?
  • Is the phrasing more important than the content or vice versa?



  • Does a translation of the text require a special or general knowledge? 

 Adaption needs

  • Does the text require a cultural or legally necessary adaption? 



 Get your specialised translator! 





What it takes to become a translator at e-ditio


 Translation studies at the higher education level and / or having lived several years in a foreign country

A highly recommended profile

Application at e-ditio and a diligent review by our team



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